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The scheduled event will run for 90 minutes with an optional 30 minutes of networking and Q&A after the agenda.
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Do It Yourself Marketing That Builds Relationships

We get it!

You're not big enough to afford to turn your marketing over to an agency, or you don't have enough revenue to afford to pay somebody else to do this for you. So you're just struggling to figure out. What do I do? How do I do this?

Rob Ruder will provide practical advice and actionable insights to apply the ACCER3 model to your digital marketing and build relationships that create long term customers.

Here's a little taste of what Rob will be exploring with you:

  • Why Do It Yourself (DIY) isn't a compromise, it's an opportunity!
  • Understanding that the goal of Conversion is to build a relationship not simply create a transaction.  
  • How to get the right tech in place and when to support your marketing rollout. Revisiting the ''Zero' dollar project startup.

Networking Time To Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

You will have an extended opportunity to learn about and from other entrepreneurs at the event.  Don't forget to bring a description of your offers to share in the chat. 

A Clarity Exercise - What Questions Should You Be Asking? 

Time permitting we'll reprise our Clarity Exercise giving you an opportunity to tap the wisdom of your fellow community members. The answers lie within.


What questions should you be asking to clarify your next steps?