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How Positivity and Curiosity Fuel Entrepreneurial Growth in a Supportive Community

Explore the tangible benefits of fostering a curious, judgment-free, engaged supportive community. In our panel, discover how positivity and curiosity:

  • Drive continuous learning, experimentation, and innovation
  • Provide entrepreneurs with the vital support they need during challenges
  • Catalyze their pursuits for sustained growth and success.

Train An Invaluable Virtual Executive Assistant To Quickly Access Information, Ideas and Resources That Make Your Days Easier

"Hire...better than you are...aim for the remarkable (do) not settle for the routine."  David Ogilvy

When properly trained and guided, Chat GPT and other AI resources become highly capable virtual executive assistants. 

Imagine you've hired expertise that is better than you in key areas. Your AI assistants will contribute intelligence, capabilities and ideas that you wouldn't be able to generate on your own. As with anyone who helps in your day to day business, you will still take responsibility for training and managing them, prioritizing what they work on for you and ensuring that the processes and the contributions they make to the business align with your see business vision. 

In this short workshop you will gain practical skills you can apply to creating your own well trained executive virtual assistants. 

Networking Time To Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

You will have several opportunities to learn about and from everyone in the room. Bring your ideas, offers, questions and dreams. Share them with others who are ready to help you take the next step forward.