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The scheduled event will run for 90 minutes with an optional 30 minutes of networking and Q&A after the agenda.
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Creating Message Event Boundaries with Digital Flipbooks

In this workshop we'll explore offering a more engaging experience to your customers by incorporating the concept of Event Boundaries into your messages. We'll show how a simple, but often overlooked tool - the digital flipbook - connects your audience to your memorable ideas by creating natural event boundaries and a deeper experience of what you do for your customers.

Tamsen Webster once relayed wise advice she received early in her career about how to engage others more effectively. Stop trying to control customer response - change their experiences.

We paraphrase that advice when it comes to providing the best experiences for your customers:
'You don't get to choose how customers respond to you,
You only get to choose the experiences you offer'

Flipbooks and the ACCER Model Will Attract Your Audience

Last month Rob introduced a model from Pete Boyle to bring customers into your world. The A.C.C.E.R. (Attract, Capture, Convert, Engage, Refer) model is a simple framework you can implement to comfortably and effectively bring customers into meaningful conversations so you can help them with what you do best. 

In this workshop, Rob will take you through a recent example he has been working on with a local charity. In the process you will see the model in action and the core roll of a digital flipbook in the enrollment of support for the project.

Networking Time To Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

You will have an extended opportunity to learn about and from other entrepreneurs at the event.  Don't forget to bring a description of your offers to share in the chat. 

A Clarity Exercise - What Questions Should You Be Asking? 

We'll reprise our Clarity Exercise giving you an opportunity to tap the wisdom of your fellow community members. The answers lie within.

What questions should you be asking to clarify your next steps?