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5 Day eMail Decluttering Challenge

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Reduce Stress

Strategies for setting boundaries around email processing. Confidently avoid constant email checking reducing stress and burnout.

Setup Filters and Labels

Organize your emails by automatically sorting incoming emails into specific folders or categories. This will help you prioritize and respond to important emails faster.

Use Scheduling Tools

See how scheduling emails to be sent at specific times can save you time and make managing your email inbox more efficient.

Setup Canned Responses

Save time by using templates and canned responses for frequently sent emails. This will help you respond quickly and consistently to common requests or inquiries.

Manage eMail Overload

Techniques to prevent email overload when you need to stay on top of your critical projects while tracking other relationships and developments in your industry.

Minimize Distractions

Avoid the constant distraction of email notifications and interruptions so you stay focused on your most important tasks and projects.

Snooze or Park Messages

Most email does not need to be reviewed or responded to immediately. Learn how to snooze or park messages until later. 

Maintain an Organized Inbox

Declutter your inbox to maintain a clean and organized email system. Avoid the accumulation of unread or unanswered emails which can lead to overwhelm.

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5 Day email decluttering challenge


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 Kevin Hines - Dave Howard
Robbie Ruder
Create effective eMail management habits in this fun
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What You'll Learn

Discover an email mastery strategy you'll love:

The goal of this workshop is not to learn the one right answer for managing your email, it is to find the way that will work best for you.

Identify Your Key Opportunities:

Identify common email-related challenges and craft personalized,  organized and structured solutions.

Prioritize emails and organize your inbox:

Effectively handling emails that require follow-up or action. Using templates or canned responses for common emails. What is the ideal number of emails to have in your Inbox?

Implement your new email management process:

Your plan for painlessly keeping your email under control including security and handling suspicious emails.  How to manage being out of the office or unavailable.

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